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When designing constructions safety is a priority. If a construction does not meet certain minimum requirements, the structure (or a part of) can collapse, often with significant damage or even fatalities. The minimum requirements are defined in design standards. In Europe these standards are called Eurocodes. At this point there are 10 Eurocodes as listed in the scheme below:

The Eurocodes coloured in red are implemented in Diamonds.

In Eurocode 0 the base is set for the analysis of structures. This part of Eurocode deals with:

  • the requirements in reliability and durability that the structures must meet;
  • the principles and the method of the limit states;
  • the classification of the loads;
  • the principles and rules for the execution of the analysis;
  • the method of the partial factors.

These principles serve as basis for the use of Eurocodes 1 until 9.